Shapers and Shapewear For Generation Y
8 Feb 2019

Shapers and Shapewear For Generation Y

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When I was young, I remember my mother put it on the navel. Only when I got married, I entered and began to see the abdomen crawling over my waist, and I began to understand.

Fortunately, technology has evolved since then, and using “modelers” is not that embarrassing. Some brands, especially Spanx and Body Wrap (shapewear for tummy and hips), are actually aimed at young consumers like me. I am not old, I always want to wear tight jeans and shirts, I just want it to look good for my body. I must admit that I tried the clothes of the first 20 years before I left the wing.

For a while, I went, I only wore bigger jeans and shirts. I am not overweight in any way; because my thighs and arms are not what they are. Solution? Body sculpting (shapewear for tummy and hips)! This is a short description;

Belts: Like corsets, because they evenly distribute the abdomen area and flatten it, except that they cover only the area from the top of the trousers to the bottom of the bra. Ideal for women with only abdominal problems. You can wear your usual bra and panties, you won’t notice it under a tight T-shirt or a cheesy dress.

Highly anticipated briefing: I suspect that I remembered my mother in the early 1980s… but they look great because they look a lot like cinchers, but they keep better in their position Because they are tied up and put on your intimate clothes. If there is visible skin, it is not suitable for short covers or short T-shirts. Ideal for wearing or tops, stretching your pants or skirt while sitting.

Integration: Controls the body of the abdomen, the overall bra and shapewear. Think of tights with hoops. The combination usually provides a seamless, full-coverage, seamless bra that is more comfortable than a traditional hoop bra. The support of the chest extends from the abdomen to the back, reducing the pressure on the belt. Ideal for large busts or women who need to control their stomachs, but hate to put wires in the chest. The only downside; this is a unique part, so accessing the bathroom becomes more difficult.

Long-legged panties/long-legged modelers: To some extent, I am fortunate to have long, slender legs, so I personally have not tried it. Designed for women with heavy thighs, they are suitable for skirts and thin dresses that can show every stroke or every wrinkle. Some long leg molders are as high as their support line and also provide a belly control.

Control panties and skirts: full body/sports massage for dresses and skirts. “Premium” for any item or tight dress/skirt.

Cami’s: My favorite. I realized that I would spend a rainy day from time to time, wearing only a Spanx camisole and PJ pants, lying on the couch watching a movie. When you think that there are too many bras, you want to hide the reels, but keep a little support, this is the perfect outfit. I am, and most body shaping cameras provide enough support to make you feel comfortable, and if you hear it, you will answer the door. For those who are not DD, I think I can use their usual clothes to control the support of the abdomen and chest to make the outerwear more elegant.

When I tried to lose weight and eat healthy, the model of my clothes made me wear my original clothes so I almost saw it, with photoshop (you know, beautiful curves, less protrusions).

I suggest that you buy at home like me and try the molder in a comfortable room without having to feel in a hurry. I also recommend trying to use molders of different types of clothing; overalls, shirts and simple dresses to see what is best for all clothes.

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