Double Garage
15 Sep 2018

Double Garage

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How much does a double garage cost by demolition services Melbourne? What is the price of building a double garage? What are the price factors of a double garage? Many owners own two cars. They are looking for a solution for the covered parking of their vehicles. With one or two doors, the double garage offers a separate or sufficient space to protect cars from thieves and bad weather. A garage for parking two cars is bigger and costs more than a garage. Discover all the advantages of having a double garage as well as the price guide per m2 of double garages to know what budget to have to build one.

What is a double garage?

A double garage is a covered space and partitioned to house two cars. You can of course park your other vehicles (scooter, motorcycle, etc.) and store your belongings and tools. Its dimensions must be well calculated to allow vehicles to fit in length and width. It is also necessary to provide the movement of the doors in order to open them without the risk of damaging the other car or bumping into the wall.

Type and configuration of double garage

The double garage can be buried, semi-buried, above ground, and independent or attached to the house. It’s only difference with a conventional garage is its size to allow two cars to park. The configuration of the double garage is then thought to facilitate maneuvering: you can park your cars side by side or one behind the other for example.

Depending on your needs, you can choose a double garage with a dividing wall in the middle, the beginnings of semi-partition wall or leave the space completely free. Similarly to close the garage, you can opt for a large single door or two separate doors. The big door involves making it custom-made, which will incur additional costs. The option for two standard doors side by side is therefore a preferable alternative and above all more economical.

The cars can be parked side by side or in succession depending on the configuration of your garage. The first solution is by far the most practical and the most used if one has the place to do it. Otherwise, you will always have to take out the first car before you can use the one parked at the far end.

Like a single garage, the double garage is also where you can choose to install your workshop or where you will store bicycles and gardening equipment. It’s up to you to think about this space if you plan to have it built considering the utility you expect to make it. It is also possible to arrange the attic of your double garage to create an extension of habitable house with a total surface of at least 40m2.


Price factors of a double garage

To calculate the construction price of a double garage, several parameters must be taken into account which will affect the final amount of the work by demolition services Melbourne. Indeed, the cost to make a double garage depends on several criteria. It is therefore difficult to give you an accurate estimate of the cost of a garage for two vehicles.

The criteria to take into account to determine the price of a double garage are multiple by demolition services Melbourne. The materials come naturally, but also the closing system, the type of garage, in a row or side by side, or the dimensions. Some details are necessary for the dimensions and the garage door.

Here are the price factors to estimate the price of a double garage:

  • The type of garage: it is possible to make a garage buried, semi-buried and above ground. Buried and semi-buried garages cost more. In addition, your garage can be attached or separated from your home.
  • The total area of ​​the double garage: The larger the surface area of ​​your double garage, the higher the price will be. You will also need to apply for a building permit before starting the project.
  • The amenities to provide: roof shape, insulation, garage door to ask, windows, electricity installation etc.
  • The price of the company of the building chosen to carry out the construction work of your garage. From one professional to another, the price of labor can double.
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