5 Key Features To Make Real Estate Investment Profitable
3 Oct 2018

5 Key Features To Make Real Estate Investment Profitable

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Compared to opportunities from other companies, those who try to decide where to invest money will ask me if the real estate company is more or less profitable.

My answer has always been that, in addition to the potential for significant profits, investing in real estate often brings long-term benefits.

I will discuss five of these benefits below:

1. You can recover (to enhance value) real estate

After purchasing a title, he kept it for a while and wanted to sell it to make a profit. The success of these actions depends on the company’s management and the company’s success, which is beyond its control. Unlike other traditional investment vehicles, such as stocks, the rate of return depends on third parties (for example, company management), and Thailand Real Estate investment is directly controlled by you.

While you have no control over the demographic and economic changes that may occur, or the effects of natural changes, you can control many other aspects to increase your return on investment. Examples include aspects related to adding repairs or improving/improving physical property and tenants who are allowed to live there. If you do it right, the value of your investment will increase, which will increase your wealth.

2. Real estate investment, if done well, has proven to be profitable even during a recession (as we are currently experiencing)

In many cases, many people have been used for rescue operations during the recession as they experienced financial difficulties during the recession.

Quite a number of customers told me that due to the current economic situation, they are not sure about profitable investment channels. Some of them are made with bonds and treasury bills, but they urgently need new investments. We conducted in-depth discussions and based on my experience as a Thailand Real Estate consultant, I recommend real estate investment as the most appropriate and safest alternative investment channel.

In fact, even if all companies fail, the land will be heavily valued. Then, to clarify my point, I ended up sharing the following introduction from a former US president:“Real estate can’t be lost, demolished, managed with reasonable care, this is the safest investment in the world” – Franklin Roosevelt As expected, the customer chooses to follow my advice and sign up: this is the most obvious and sensible thing I can do!

3. Real estate investment is not affected by inflation

In other words, investing your money in viable Thailand Real Estate ownership can protect you from inflation and often has a serious impact on other traditional investments. In fact, the value of real estate tends to increase and is positively correlated with inflationary pressures. This is why real estate values ​​and rental rates have risen as inflation has risen. Therefore, the nature of real estate offers homeowners a unique advantage of being able to adjust the interest rates they offer to balance inflation. For example, monthly rents can be increased to offset inflation, thereby mitigating other currency investment losses caused by inflation.

4. Real estate is unique because it can be generally accepted as collateral for bank financing

Today, buildings or land-based Thailand Real Estate with appropriate titles (ie, professional certificates) are most recognized and accepted guarantees.

It has the unique feature of protecting the interests of borrowers and banks (loans) so that funds can be released, that is, after verification, and conditions are agreed.

5. Real estate investment allows the use of other people’s money

Real estate investments can then be made using currency or mortgage financing. In the latter case, a payment can be arranged to allow payment of a small initial amount provided by you or a voluntary third party.

These payments will be made on the property and these payments will continue to increase or even exceed during these payments. This motivates those who fund the acquisition to be more confident and their investments are safe.

No wonder real estate investment has been booming for so long!




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